We are a well established martial arts studio with over 10 years experience working with children, teenagers and adults in Northern Beaches. We are located on the shores of Manly Beach with amazing views which will energise you as you train. Whats better than a dip in the ocean after after BJJ rooling and Capoeira playing 




Deivide Correa ( Contra Mestre DvD ) was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. He has been training Capoeira for over 20 years.

Throughout his life he has trained Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thay. He also participated in a lot of Capoeira, Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing competitions and workshops around the world.


CAPOEIRA & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu are our Contra Master's passions. He teaches both at Tribo Gym as well as at many schools and child care centres around Northern Beaches.

"Dvd has been teaching my kids and I Capoeira for  over 5 years. He is amazing with the kids and they absolutely love him. He makes the classes fun and challenging and their growth in confidence is an absolute credit to DVD!"

                                                                                                                                                                                            Simon Woodward.


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Alex “Negão” Paz is a Brazilian Jiu Jiitsu black belt under @murilobusta & @liboriobjj

His early career in jiu jitsu was closely followed by the famous Carlson Gracie, who awarded Alex his blue and purple belts.

With an impressive international resume, including numerous world/national titles, Alex has proven that he is a formidable competitor.

Alex’s passion for BJJ isn’t just limited to competing. While in Abu Dhabi, he was assigned to the UAE’s National Jiu Jitsu Team (2010), where he helped develop athlete’s such as Taleb Saleh Al Kirbi, & Faisal Al Kitbe alketbi_faisal . In 2014 Alex was nominated head of the Uaejjf refereeing board, a function he also fulfilled at the JJUA and the JJIF.


Alex brings a profound intellect to the mats and he’s excited to show you what he does best.


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Michela Caselli ( Estrela ) was born in Italy and she was introduced to Capoeira when she moved to Australia, 8 years ago.

Estrela is a CAPOEIRA COACH Senior Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teachers Trainer. She finds a beautiful synergy in between YOGA and CAPOEIRA and  strongly believes in Capoeira as being a significant tool for empowering women AND GIRLS, supporting women's mental & physical health as well as being a remarkable life skill.

CAPOEIRA & Yoga are our Coach passions. She teaches both at Ultimate Fitness Centre in Brookvale as well as at many schools and Institutes around Northern Beaches.



Carolina was born in Australia and has been passionate about the arts and culture from a young age, making Capoeira the perfect practice. 


She has a background in ballet and went on to study contemporary dance at 'New Zealand School of Dance' in Wellington. Carolina then lived in São Paulo Brazil for a year where she resumed her Capoeira training with the group 'Harmonia'. She taught contemporary dance to adolescents at the dance school chain 'Anacã' and assisted in many Capoeira classes and batizado events for children training in schools, gyms and NGOs . 


Carolina is currently studying a Bachelor of Education and Arts and is committed to maintaining cultural community through teaching Capoeira to children in Australia.